Make Your Meal a Combo

Add a sizzling BBQ side to your meal in St. Cloud and the central Minnesota area

RM BBQ Beast prepares a variety of delicious sides that pair well with our smoked meats. Our BBQ sides vary from week to week, but you can count on us to cook up something that'll leave you feeling satisfied.

While we always have our famous mac & cheese, some other rotating sides include:

Collard greens
Smoked beans

Be sure to order some of our fresh lemonade to wash it all down. Stop by our food truck serving St. Cloud and the central Minnesota area this week.

Check out our appetizers

Check out our appetizers

Not in the mood for a big meal? RM BBQ Beast serves up fresh, mouthwatering BBQ side dishes. You can choose from bacon-trapped jalapeno poppers, teriyaki bombs and smoked BBQ meatballs. These options are perfect if you're looking for a mid-afternoon snack or a light lunch.

Swing by today to sample our tasty BBQ sides in St. Cloud and the central Minnesota area.